The Art of Liam Donoghue

There is such a beauty in chaos as to make the heart bleed.

The Art

Liam Donoghue produces digital art that is designed specifically to be hung on walls. These works make great statement pieces and really finish a room off well. Selected works are available to purchase in a variety of sizes as well as Limited Edition prints. These large prints are special and would grace any wall.

About Liam Donoghue

Creating the Art

Software called Apophysis 7x is mainly used to produce the art. This is a Fractal Flame software where images are built up of elements which interact to produce chaotic pictures. This is an entirely deterministic process, though there is a lifetime of work to master it. In the end though, the important thing is the art. The process is just a means to an end and I think the results are exceptional. The colour palettes are hand made, allowing Liam Donoghue to further explore the use of light and colour.

Themes and Ideas.

The most obvious theme that runs through the work is one of nature and the emotions it elicits. This, with a study of light and glows can often produce breathtaking images. Other themes include complex geometric designs, bringing order out of the chaos along with 'true' abstract designs, which aim to bring individual images and feeling belonging to each observer alone.